Sun bath

Sun Bath is an installation designed to frame the sky and shift user’s perspective of the world. It challenges the usual physical position of the body by suggesting the possibility to recline. The line of sight is shifted towards the movements of the sky and the fragments of trees and buildings that can be glimpsed. It is these moments that allow for the observation of things that were previously unseen.

The installation is constructed almost entirely from smaller sections of glulam timber. The form is refreshingly simple – a regular circle of sloping members that open up towards the heavens, punctuated by a modest opening for the access. The circle is composed of forty-seven equal self-supporting modules, braced by horizontal members. Each module is constructed of three members that interlock together by opposite cuts and then strengthened by wooden dowels. The whole construction is made entirely out of timber, with no screws or nails – almost like a single piece of furniture.